Thursday, April 19, 2012

The X Files: Part 2

Ready for another dose of cuteness?
Yes? Well good!

Xander pretty recently learned how to let me know if he's not feeling good. He says "I don't fiddy good" or "Xander's tummy hurts". Now that he learned that he can tell me his tummy hurts and I will be able to help him, he tells me his tummy hurts in different places. Instead of saying his head hurts, he says his tummy hurts on his head. Instead of telling me his leg hurts, it's "Tummy hurts on my knee." LOL..oh, the traveling tummy pains.

He LOVES Curious George. It's his favorite right now. He's recently taken to saying "Be a good little monkey" any time one of us leaves the house without him.

The other day, we were sitting outside eating lunch. He grabbed two lawn chairs and pulled them together. Then he climbed up and laid down on them with his arms crossed behind his head and said "Ahhh..this is the life." Lol!

We've just begun trying to potty train..and a couple days ago after he had gone in his undies, we took him to the potty and my mom asked him if he wanted undies on again or a diaper. His reply " around naked." lol. At least he's honest.

I know there was at least one other story I wanted to share, but I'm having major mommy brain right now so I may or may not edit it in later.
Until next time, enjoy! =)

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