Sunday, September 18, 2011

Archer's Birth Story

On Wednesday the 7th had my 39 week appointment at 39 weeks 3 days. I knew we'd be talking about an induction because we had talked about it at my last appointment but I didn't want to make any decisions at that time. She told me I was 3-4cm and that she thought induction would be successful, so I decided to go ahead and schedule it. *they predicted him to be 8lbs at 37 weeks so we didn't want to wait too long*
I went to the scheduler and she said on the order it said the doc wanted it to be before my EDD, which was Sunday the 11th, which only gave her two days. I told her early next week was fine by me too. So she looked and said Friday was booked, if Thursday was too we'd look at Monday. So after calling the hospital, she hung up and said "Okay, be there tomorrow morning at 6am" I was kind of in shock that it was going to be so soon! Especially because Robert had his advancement exam at 7am Thurs morning and couldn't miss it. So, we made our phone calls and my mom started heading this way. We figured we'd just hope for the best as far as his test was concerned.

Thursday morning I called the hospital at 5:30 to make sure that 6am was still a good time. They told me to come in at 7:30.
My mom and I arrived right around 7:30 and they had me wait for a room, took me back, got me set up, etc.
The next few hours were very uneventful. The nurse knew I needed to start on antibiotics bc I was GSB+ but my doctor wasn't there yet so she didn't know when the doc wanted me to start on them. Finally my doc arrived around 10 (Robert had just arrived as well)..they started me on my first dose of penicillin at 10:30 and said they'd be back in 2 hours to start the pitocin.
In the meantime, I started contracting on my own. Contractions were coming every 2-5 minutes and registering anywhere from 60-115. Around 1 she came in and started my pitocin. After cranking it up a couple times the contractions started coming more regularly and intensifying. They were coming every 1-3 minutes and registering 150-200. We discussed pain options but I wasn't ready for anything just yet.
At 3pm they gave me my other dose of penicilin. The nurse said the doc would be in to check me and break my water in an hour or two. So, we waited. I laid down on my side to try and rest but I couldn't get comfortable.
At 5 my doc came in and checked me. I was 4cm and 80% effaced. Archer's head was at a +2. I was so discouraged. I hadn't really progressed since the day before, even with my regular contractions on my own and the pitocin. She went ahead and broke my water..
and that's when the fun began.

Immediately my contractions got so much stronger. They were only registering in the 40s and 50s but they were very very painful. I was breathing through them and trying to stay focused. It took me 5 hours to have Xander after they broke my water. I figured I was in for a long wait and wanted to hold out on meds. But after about 15 minutes, I decided to call my nurse in. I asked for the IV meds to see if that would take the edge off enough. She told me she'd order them but wanted to check me again first. I was 5.5cm. I had progressed 1.5cm in just 15 minutes. So she started the IV meds but also told me that they would have to be stopped once I reached 8cm because they would make Archer drowsy. I was worried that if I did want the epi, because I was progressing kind of fast I might not have time to order it. So I went ahead and called for it. He was there to administer it within a few minutes. By 5:30 I was getting the epi. While sitting up waiting for it to be done, I started feeling a lot of pressure. By the time he was done, I told my nurse I felt like Archer was really low. She said she'd check me and I was 8cm. Before she could even walk away I said "No, he's like reeeeally low. I'm ready." She put her hand right back in and I was 10cm. Immediately I felt like I needed to push.
She then told Robert to press the nurse call button..and when they responded she called for my doc and a birth kit. The whole time I was screaming that I had to push. I kept saying I couldn't hold it. I was trying, but my body was bearing down on its own. I kept saying "he's coming out now. He's coming out!"
They wanted to wait to get everything prepped and get the NICU nurse ready bc there was meconium in my water..but he was ready and so was I.
When the doc came in I said "I need to push NOW" and she looked scared. I heard her say that she wasn't picking up a heartbeat on the monitor. They tried to find it and couldn't..meanwhile they let me push once and still, nothing. The doc came up beside me, looked me straight in the face and told me I had a decision to make. She said "We can't detect a heartbeat and we either need to reposition you and try to figure this out, or you need to get him out right now." I said "NOW" and I pushed once, his head came out and then they told me to get a breath..I did, pushed again and there he was.

He was purple..and silent. We all waited. He was moving, but not making a sound. They suctioned him out, still nothing. My mom, Robert, and I were all just waiting. I started to cry and said "he needs to cry..he needs to cry". The doc cut the cord and moved him to the table (which she apologized to Robert about later and said she was in a hurry lol)..they tried stirring him up and finally, there it was. His beautiful cry. I had a minimal tear and they stitched me, then I finally got to hold him.
It was funny because right at the moment that they handed him to me, my legs started to numb. My epi was just then kicking in. I told the doc and she laughed..she said "honey, that was all you. You did wonderful and did exactly what I needed you to do." I felt like superwoman.

The numbness went away quickly bc they hadn't even had time to put in the drip before I pushed. I felt really great right after delivery. Archer was doing great, I was feeling a natural high. I could tell Robert and my mom were so proud.

Archer Reichen arrived into the world Sept 8th, 2011 at 6:02pm, weighing 8lbs 1oz (so not as big as they thought he'd be) and 20.5in. Funny side note: Xander was 8lbs 2oz and 20.5 inches. lol.

We're all doing great! I couldn't have asked for a better delivery, honestly. Totally different experience than I had with Xander. It really is true that it's different every time.

Here are a few pics:
One week old:

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Any day now..

I could have a baby!

Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant. 

Every day is such a crazy mix of emotions for me. I thought after going through this once, I would be accustomed to the feelings that come with it. But, I guess it doesn't get any less exciting or nerve-wracking each time.

This time is a little different, though. Now I already have one baby (yes, he's 27 months old today but he's still my baby). It feels bitter-sweet. I'm so excited to have Archer here. However, a small part of me is sad that Xander isn't going to be the baby anymore. His days of getting every little morsel of my attention are over. Now my love and time must be split, or better yet, multiplied.
Some days I find myself being so impatient. I envision my water breaking every time I stand up. I analyze every little cramp and contraction. I want so badly for this to be "it".
On the other hand, I'm so completely nervous! I'm nervous about the labor and delivery process itself, which completely surprises me because I thought I'd be in a "been there, done that" state of mind. It's the opposite! I feel more nervous and scared because this time I know what to expect. I've felt that pain before and it's not fun. Worth it? 1000 times over. But no where near pleasant. 
I have all these fears and questions.
What if he comes late like Xander? What if I don't progress on my own like I should? I really don't want pitocin again. What if the epidural fails again? Should I even get an epidural or should I just try to tough it out? How much did the epidural work for me last time? I think I felt most of the pain but what if it covered up more than I realize and I choose to go without it this time and realize I can't do it?
Then there are the concerns about his size. He was predicted to be 8lbs at 37 weeks. My doc doesn't recommend me going much passed my due date, in case he is really that big..or bigger.
What if he doesn't come on his own? I'll have to be induced shortly after my due date. I know what pitocin is like and I know what it feels like to have my water broken, etc. But at least last  time my labor started on its own. Without that, am I in for a horribly painful delivery? Or worse..what if the induction doesn't work and I have to have a C-section? But if I don't induce, what if I wait and he gets too big and I still have to have a C-section?

So many questions, so many concerns.

Those only cover my worries for the actual delivery process. What about when we get home?
My son is hitting his terrible twos, he's teething, and we just wrapped up a 6 month deployment and move from OH back to VA. He's still adjusting to Daddy being home and everyone else being gone. And he's overly-attached to me.
How am I going to take care of a newborn and still give him the love and assurance he needs to get through this stage? Am I going to be able to do all the things I want to do..or will I fall short as a mom/wife?

Deep in my heart I know everything is and will be fine. I've always wanted a few kids and I know if we ever have another one, I will probably go through the same emotions. It's such a big change but it's such a wanted one. I can't wait to be a family of four. Aside from all the worry and wondering, I know that I'm beyond blessed. It doesn't matter how hard it is to get him here, once he's here things will be amazing. It's okay if it takes Xander a little while to adjust, I will always love him and he will always know that. Seeing my boys play together and love each other is going to be the most amazing thing in this world. And although it's going to be a change going from one child to two, I know that my heart will just double its loving capacity. Just like you can't fathom the love you have for your child until you meet him or her, I cannot fathom that amount of love increasing..but I know it will. And I'm so excited to feel that. It's like winning the lottery and then winning the lottery again 2 years later! lol. Except much much much better.
I can't wait!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I give up.

On this blog challenge. I started it almost a year ago and it was only a 30 day challenge. I've been off and on with it for quite some time but can never keep up with it. So, I'm putting my pride aside and calling it quits.

Is it horrible that I'm wanting to find another one to start now? lol.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

bigger..& Bigger..& BIGGER.

So I figured there were a lot of you sitting at home wondering "How big is Robin's baby bump these days..It'd be cool to see some picture progression of how it's grown."

Okay, so I really doubt any of you have been thinking that. But, maybe it'll be cool nonetheless. lol.


And there ya have it. The ever-growing belly that will only continue to get bigger and bigger over the next 6 weeks!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I spent the last 20-30 minutes updating my blog page. It needed a new look and Lord knows an update on all of us, considering I didn't even have an introduction for Archer and I'm already 29 weeks pregnant. Xander's picture was from his one-year photo shoot and he just turned two. I'm really slacking in the blog department.

However, I figured since I updated the cosmetics of it all, I should probably go ahead and update on real life as well.

As mentioned, I'm into my 29th week of this pregnancy. I can't believe in just a few days I'll be down to just 10 weeks to go. Archer is doing great. I've been measuring right on track. I just passed my glucose test, which is a relief of course and at my 29 week appointment I had officially reached pre-pregnancy weight. Now the goal is to just keep the actual weight gain from here on out to a minimum.

Xander turned two on June 3rd. My oh my, what a wonderful two years it's been and boy have they flown by. It's so bitter-sweet and I don't think I ever understood that until I became a mommy. It truly feels like one minute you are holding your new addition and the next here before you stands a kid..not a baby, a kid. With his own personality, his own likes and dislikes, his own goofy habits and sweet little gestures. He's running around and saying new things every day. He's able to interact with you on such a different level. He's..growing up. And you sit there and think "where has the time gone?". I remember not too long ago wondering if those first few months would ever end. Will he ever sleep through the night? Will he ever go more than 2 hours without eating, or pooping, or crying? And now that time seems like it barely existed. Seeing the person that he's becoming warms my heart. It makes me proud and so very happy. I am excited about the future and continuing to watch him grow into himself. At the same time, I'm sad to see my baby go. My first little infant, my learning-buddy along the path of motherhood. I miss his tiny cry and his first baby gurgles. And yet, I can't spend too much time reminiscing about the past or else I will miss out on the today, which is just as good if not better. Each day is something new, something more to laugh at, something else to make me smile. As much as I loved him the day he entered this world, my love for him has only grown and will continue to. It's amazing how much one person can love another person.
Much too shortly, I am going to be looking back and wondering how my two year old turned into a five year old over night. I'm excited to meet that five year old boy..but I'm hoping time slows down and lets me keep a toddler a little longer.

We're nearing the end of this deployment. It's seriously coming so soon. We're down to less than a month until we're back together as a family and we are all beaming with excitement. Deployments are one circumstance during which I welcome how fast the time seems to be flying. We're thankful that this one has gone by smoothly and quickly for us, but any time you are away from your other half for several months, things get difficult. We may have made it through this  deployment with flying colors, but we're still more than ready to be back together and have life back to "normal".

I'm still here in OH but moving in less than 10 days back to VA. I'm very impatient about doing so. I've had a great time here with family and friends and I'm thankful for that, but as I said, I'm just ready to get things into gear. I've got a short period of time once I arrive there to move in and get the apartment set up and certain things taken care of before Robert returns home. I feel like I'm in limbo right now, with all these things looming above me and no way to get started on any of them. I will be relieved when I'm back in VA and able to get the ball rolling..not to mention it will mean I'm just mere days away from seeing my husband again!

I suppose that's it for now. Maybe if I'd update more than once or twice a month I wouldn't have such long posts. Then again, I'm pretty long-winded so I wouldn't count on it. Procrastination and over-compensation. Love it or leave it.
; )

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm just not very good at this.

Here I am again, a couple months since my last post. Life is busy, it's true. But I'd love to find some more time to keep up with this. My problem is that I'm just completely forgetful. Most days when I'm on the computer I don't even remember I have a blog. lol. But I enjoy keeping up with the other blogs I follow and I hate that I forget to do that.

Anyway, my last post was a very impatient one. We were waiting to find out the sex of the baby. Well, much to my surprise, we are having another boy!
His name is Archer Reichen.

I'm not going to lie, I was mildly disappointed. I don't want to even use that word but I don't know what other word to use. It was an indescribable feeling. I wasn't at all disappointed that we were having another boy. Two little boys two years apart? What's not to love? I certainly enjoy being a mama to a boy thus far. He's my world. They'll probably look alike. We can dress them alike sometimes. They'll more than likely have similar interests and hopefully be best friends. So, disappointed at the thought of Xander having a little brother? No way. Disappointed at the thought of not having a baby girl? A little bit.

I've always wanted a little girl. Then again, I've always wanted 2 boys and 1 girl because I've always wanted 3 kids. However, my husband never wanted any. lol. Now, I have to say that was his viewpoint at 17 when we first got together and, of course, it changed. But his idea of the perfect number changes all the time. It honestly depends on whether he's home or deployed and what kind of financial situation we're in. If he's home and we're doing good with money, the thought of having another one in the future is a possibility. If he's deployed, he can't even think about it. Having another one means missing out even more with another child. It's hard for him to wrap his mind around that. And of course, if we're not feeling like we have a lot of extra money at that time, it's hard to try and "plan" for another even if that is somewhere in the distant future.

So, knowing we may not have another (although my heart tells me we will), and knowing that means no little girl in my life..well, that's kinda sad. However, I'm stoked about having another little man. And at this point, a few weeks after finding out, I couldn't picture him as anything but a little boy.
I feel very blessed to even be having him, and I know if we ever have another I'll feel that way too, no matter what God chooses to give us. I just love being a mommy.

In other news, I am now 25 weeks along. My first baby boy will be two tomorrow. I can't believe it! Time sure does fly. It's a bitter-sweet moment. He's growing so big and so smart. I love seeing who he is becoming. I just wish it wasn't happening so fast!
We're nearing the end of this deployment and time for me to be moving back to VA. This next month or two is going to be extremely action packed for us.

That's just about it. I will *try* to keep things going around here. But with my track record, I know better than to make any promises.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

C'mon, C'mon, C'mon!

April 25th is the big day that we find out the sex of the baby. In the past week or so I have become SO totally, overwhelming, annoyingly impatient. I'm ready to this baby an Archer or a Laela??  I NEED to know.

With Xander, by fluke, we found out he was a boy at 14 weeks. Which means that at this point, I had already known  for almost 3 weeks. The suspense is killing me!

Every time I go to any store that happens to have a baby section, of course I have to browse. I've been good and only bought one onesie so far, which happens to be light green and could work for either sex. It says "Can I get any cuter?". I may be getting ahead of myself assuming that this child's cuteness level will be unmeasurable, but I have a feeling that if he/she looks anything like his/her brother, he/she is going to be gorgeous! And, I could have just avoided a total of three words and three slashes if I knew the sex already!

We've got a little bit less than a month and then we'll know. I'm so excited to see our little one in 3D/4D and get some good pictures and a DVD to send to Daddy. It's going to be awesome. But more than just that day, I'm excited to be able to start getting things ready for this baby. I'm excited to be able to refer to this little one by name. I'm excited to mail off Robert's "It's A..." package. I'm excited to reach my half way mark of this pregnancy with a healthy little bundle that is on his or her way to meeting a family that cannot wait to hold, kiss, hug, and love him/her!

Hoping for a "her" btw! But happy with either, no doubt!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 Days of Me-Day 26 *3-29-11*

I am determined to finish this challenge. And maybe once I complete it, I can start on another blogging challenge and actually keep up with it.

Day 26: Your week, in great detail

Today is March 29th so the last week would have began on March 22nd. Off the top of my head I can't think of anything uber-exciting that has happened in the past week but maybe once I begin wracking my brain (and possibly facebook stalking myself), I will come up with something.

March 22
The weather was pretty nice. We spent a lot of time outside playing in the back yard. While we were outside we heard the door bell ring. It was a guy delivering purple tulips to me that my hubby had sent to congratulate me on finishing school. Then my mom kept the baby while I went and hung out with a friend. We spent most of our afternoon trying to track down our other friends that were visiting from VA, and finally caught up with them later on in the evening. We thought we had dinner plans with them, but the next day was going to work out better for them and neither of us had gotten that message yet, which explains why we continuously hounded them throughout the day. lol. Our friend Ryan came to dinner with us, although he had already eaten (he just had a couple beers and spent time with us) and his wife met up with us after she got done dress shopping with his sister. We all hung out for a little while and had a good time. Before bed I checked to see if my grades had posted and found out I got a C+ in both my final classes. Not as good as an A but I wasn't expecting a lot of what I dealt with during this last block of classes, and so I was just happy to know I had passed.

March 23
Mom, Xander, and I headed to Huntington as soon as we got up and dressed to get him a new stroller. Our nice one for him is in storage in VA and the one mom has here for him just isn't cutting it anymore. We ended up getting him a nice one and he also came out of there with a Spongebob lawn chair and a Spongebob shovel. Any idea who his favorite cartoon character is? He ended up screaming relentlessly for the entire 45 minute-1 hour car ride home which was not pleasant but we finally made it. We had plans to do lunch with some friends, but he ended up napping so I went alone. I met two of my girlfriends for lunch at Bob Evans. After that I came home and we played outside a bit because it was nice out again and we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening just lounging around the house. Around 7pm I went to Subway to get Xander and I some dinner (veggie pizza for him, BMT for me) and then once he went to bed I watched Teen Mom from the night before, emailed back and forth with the hubs, and enjoyed my sub. A hail storm hit just after I went to bed. It was pretty intense but it didn't last long.

March 24
I woke up really wanting stuffed pancakes. Around 11am I decided to attempt making my own. I made normal pancakes and mixed cream cheese and blueberry yogurt for the filling. Maybe I just really wanted them or maybe they were truly good, but I found them delicious. lol. I got an email from the hubs saying he finally got mail (he hadn't received any of his mail so far this deployment). He got 9 packages and one card all at once. He said everyone was jealous and he felt like it was Christmas. It made me feel like a good wifey. Xander and I took an afternoon nap. After that I stuck him in the shower with me and shaved my legs. When my mom got home from work, we got ready and went to Xander's swim lessons. My MIL came to see him that night too, which was nice. He ended up fussing throughout his swim class but I suppose you'll have that sometimes. We came home, ate dinner, and went to bed.

March 25
The first part of the day was uneventful. Xander and I lounged and watched cartoons. We played and just did our normal mommy-baby thing for a while. More than likely, I napped when he did. lol. After his nap I got him dressed and his bags packed to go stay the night at his grandmas. I took him over there around 4:30. After switching out the car seat and setting up his pack n play, I headed out. Usually he cries unless we distract him and I sneak out but this time he gave me a kiss, then blew me a kiss, and said bye. He's growing up. Then my mom, aunt, and I headed to Chillicothe to go shopping and eat at Red Lobster. I got some scrapbooking stuff from Hobby Lobby and a couple things  for Xander at Kohl's. I was IN LOVE with some of their baby stuff and wanted to get some of it so bad but I have to wait a few more weeks until we know the sex. Dinner was delicious and we spent most of the time talking about my Nanny (their mom) and her life. I'm working on an idea for a book about her and it was so fun and inspiring to hear stories about her and all the inter-workings of my family.

March 26
I slept in a little bit because Xander was at his grandmas. I went to pick him up around noon. When I got home a friend of mine texted me and asked if we wanted to go to the mall. Xander had just laid down for a nap so I told her I'd love to but we'd have to wait. While we were waiting, we decided it would possibly be better to go sans kids so we could actually get some shopping done. So when my mom got home from work around 4, I left Xander with her and headed to pick my friend up. She left her daughter with her hubby and we headed to Ashland to the mall. I got fitted for a bra and discovered I was a 40DD. Whoa! I was wearing a 38D. So, I bought a couple bras. She got some clothes for her little girl and an outfit for her hubs. Then we went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner and headed home. I felt pampered..two girl's nights in a row! lol.

March 27
We woke up to snow. It made me very angry. lol. Our weather lately has been crazy. 75 degrees one day, hail storms and tornadoes the next, snow the next. Of course we couldn't do much playing outside and Xander was really upset about that. I wish it would warm up and stay there because he's totally an outdoorsman! We took him to my aunt's house so she could trim his hair. We wanted to get it off his collar and out of his eyes but we still kept it kinda long. He looks too cute! Then we went to Walmart and got our WIC stuff and a few other groceries. We came back home, he napped, and we just hung out for the evening. Then after he went to bed, I ran to Walmart again with my friend to check out/price some stuff for our upcoming camping trip (which I am dreading btw..totally not a fan of camping but I'm a good friend and it's one of my besties' birthday wish. lol). Came home, emailed Robert, and went to bed.

March 28
Xander had a doctor's appointment at 11:30 so we got up, got showered, and headed to that. Right before we left I got a package from Robert with a DVD, a magnet from Haifa, Israel, and a hoodie with his ship's insignia on it. Xander's appointment went good--we were just getting him set up with a doctor here. He was SO good at the doctor. He played well, didn't fuss, and kept insisting on sharing with the other kids. When we came home, I laid Xander down for a nap and laid down myself but my nap didn't go too well. Before I laid down I watched the DVD Robert sent which was so cute! He was reading a book to Xander and just talking to me..he had me laughing and then crying. I miss that man. I woke up feeling like I hadn't rested at all. That evening I went to a writing class at the local library. They have one each Monday for a 4 week period and I missed the first class but this was the second one I attended. It was extremely interesting. I had a really good time and learned a few things about how to develop a concept and write a page-turner. I got home and spent the rest of the evening playing and watching Spongebob with Xander. We also watched the DVD from Robert again and he really enjoyed seeing Daddy.  My friend came over and we ordered some stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut and watched some Ax Men on netflix. It was a good night. 

March 29
Today! So far not much has gone on. I was hoping to sleep in because I haven't had a chance to in a while, but my mom had errands to run and woke me when the baby woke up. My brother called and we got on yahoo messenger so we could webcam chat with him. He really misses Xander (and me too! lol) and we truly miss him. It was nice to be able to do that and now that he's got internet we're going to do it more often. I got a short email from Robert saying the internet access was sketchy and he just wanted to let me know he loved me. I'm so thankful he takes a few minutes here and there to check in with me and let me know he's okay when he knows he might not be able to for a while. He's a good hubby. After my mom got back, I ran down to the BMV to get my out-of-state inspection. I ordered my out-of-state title a few weeks ago and I'm impatiently waiting for it to arrive because I need it to register my car here and my registration expires in..2 days! I called to see if the title department had received it and they hadn't's hoping for tomorrow! We bundled Xander up and let him play outside for a while after I got back but it's SO cold out there that we didn't stay long. I can't wait for it to warm up again so we can take our afternoon walks and let him run around out there. Now he's napping and I'm on here..thinking about napping myself but not sure I'll have the time now. So far, no plans for tonight but I guess we shall see what the future holds! lol.

*Special thanks to my social networking sites of choice: Facebook and Plurk. Without which I would have not been able to remember what I did farther back than yesterday. lol.*

Hope this week has gone well for all of you as well!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm a bad, bad blogger.

Wow, it has seriously been months upon months since I've been on here. So much for that 30 day challenge that I started 7 months ago. How shameful!

Well, of course there is plenty to catch up on and 5 more days of my challenge to complete (I WILL complete it, come hell or high water).

Without going into great detail (perhaps details later), here are the major updates so far:
1. I'm expecting again. Long story short, I asked my doctor for permission to go ahead and try as soon as I felt my body was heeled. We conceived 3 weeks after my miscarriage and I am now almost 16 weeks pregnant.
2. Robert is currently on deployment #2. We've almost reached the half-way mark. Due to so many things going on right now, his mission was changed and they've been involved in some really intense stuff but we're staying positive and I'm SO proud!
3. I'm currently living in Ohio with my mom. We moved out of our apartment in VA so I could live here and save money while he was gone. We'll be back in VA this summer and are keeping our fingers crossed that military housing can give us the place we want!
4. Xander is growing like a weed. He'll be 2 in less than 3 months. It makes me both extremely happy and very sad at the same time. My baby is a little boy. Spongebob "Bob" is his favorite thing on earth, he LOVES looking at pictures of Daddy and sending him kisses, he says around 25 words now, and he's enrolled in his first swim class (and loving it!). Every day he surprises me with how amazing he is..even in light of those terrible two moments! lol.
5. I just graduated college! I finished my last classes on March 20th and completed my Associate's degree in Psychology. With moving, transferring, taking some time off, etc. it took me a little longer than expected but I'm so happy to be done and feel that sense of accomplishment. However, I've realized psychology really isn't my passion and rediscovered something that is (that I've known all along)--writing. So now I'm trying to get some of my work out there and decide if/when/what for I'm going back for my bachelor's.

Well, interwebs folks, that is pretty much it. I will try to stay on top of things better now that I'm out of school. I find that when I don't get on my blog, I don't check others and I'm terribly sorry for that. I'll put forth more effort, I promise!