Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm a bad, bad blogger.

Wow, it has seriously been months upon months since I've been on here. So much for that 30 day challenge that I started 7 months ago. How shameful!

Well, of course there is plenty to catch up on and 5 more days of my challenge to complete (I WILL complete it, come hell or high water).

Without going into great detail (perhaps details later), here are the major updates so far:
1. I'm expecting again. Long story short, I asked my doctor for permission to go ahead and try as soon as I felt my body was heeled. We conceived 3 weeks after my miscarriage and I am now almost 16 weeks pregnant.
2. Robert is currently on deployment #2. We've almost reached the half-way mark. Due to so many things going on right now, his mission was changed and they've been involved in some really intense stuff but we're staying positive and I'm SO proud!
3. I'm currently living in Ohio with my mom. We moved out of our apartment in VA so I could live here and save money while he was gone. We'll be back in VA this summer and are keeping our fingers crossed that military housing can give us the place we want!
4. Xander is growing like a weed. He'll be 2 in less than 3 months. It makes me both extremely happy and very sad at the same time. My baby is a little boy. Spongebob "Bob" is his favorite thing on earth, he LOVES looking at pictures of Daddy and sending him kisses, he says around 25 words now, and he's enrolled in his first swim class (and loving it!). Every day he surprises me with how amazing he is..even in light of those terrible two moments! lol.
5. I just graduated college! I finished my last classes on March 20th and completed my Associate's degree in Psychology. With moving, transferring, taking some time off, etc. it took me a little longer than expected but I'm so happy to be done and feel that sense of accomplishment. However, I've realized psychology really isn't my passion and rediscovered something that is (that I've known all along)--writing. So now I'm trying to get some of my work out there and decide if/when/what for I'm going back for my bachelor's.

Well, interwebs folks, that is pretty much it. I will try to stay on top of things better now that I'm out of school. I find that when I don't get on my blog, I don't check others and I'm terribly sorry for that. I'll put forth more effort, I promise!

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