Wednesday, March 30, 2011

C'mon, C'mon, C'mon!

April 25th is the big day that we find out the sex of the baby. In the past week or so I have become SO totally, overwhelming, annoyingly impatient. I'm ready to this baby an Archer or a Laela??  I NEED to know.

With Xander, by fluke, we found out he was a boy at 14 weeks. Which means that at this point, I had already known  for almost 3 weeks. The suspense is killing me!

Every time I go to any store that happens to have a baby section, of course I have to browse. I've been good and only bought one onesie so far, which happens to be light green and could work for either sex. It says "Can I get any cuter?". I may be getting ahead of myself assuming that this child's cuteness level will be unmeasurable, but I have a feeling that if he/she looks anything like his/her brother, he/she is going to be gorgeous! And, I could have just avoided a total of three words and three slashes if I knew the sex already!

We've got a little bit less than a month and then we'll know. I'm so excited to see our little one in 3D/4D and get some good pictures and a DVD to send to Daddy. It's going to be awesome. But more than just that day, I'm excited to be able to start getting things ready for this baby. I'm excited to be able to refer to this little one by name. I'm excited to mail off Robert's "It's A..." package. I'm excited to reach my half way mark of this pregnancy with a healthy little bundle that is on his or her way to meeting a family that cannot wait to hold, kiss, hug, and love him/her!

Hoping for a "her" btw! But happy with either, no doubt!


  1. So exciting, can't wait to hear the big news!

    That's so funny that you guys picked the name Archer, it's been our top boy names for years too! And Laela is a beautiful name too! Either way I know you two will be so happy and Xander will make such a great big brother!

  2. Aww thanks! And great minds think alike! lol. Archer wasn't anything we ever discussed until I was pregnant this time..I love Riken for a boy but Robert just wouldn't agree. So, he came up with Archer before he left and said Riken could be the middle name if I agreed. His reasoning was kind of funny: Archer is the name of a cartoon (it's not a kid's cartoon. lol) and the guy who does the voice of Archer also does the voice of the main character on a show called Frisky Dingo which is also a cartoon, whose name happens to be Xander. lol. And Robert and I like both shows. At first I was like hmmm..idk. But then it grew on me really quickly. We've had Laela picked since right after Xander was born, although Robert prefers to spell it Layla. Middle names will be Ellie Lynn (Ellie after Nanny and my mom, Lynn after Aunt Joy and his mom) but I worry sometimes that that's too many Ls! lol

    And yes..I think he'll be a great big bro! He already gives my belly kisses and stuff. He might have his jealous moments but he loves other kids so I hope it works out.

  3. I hope the 25th gets here fast. I wanna know too. And yay for almost being at the half way mark. We've most definitely come a long way :)