Sunday, March 25, 2012

The X Files: Part 1

It's funny how kids see things so much differently than we do. The difficult things are so simple to them, yet the simple things are so difficult.

When my son asks to do things that he isn't allowed or capable of doing, we simply tell him "You're too young." It seems like an easy enough answer, without much explanation needed (yet). Well, a few days ago, I was cleaning up the house (which, as we all know is a never-ending project). I've been trying to encourage him to do his share, so while singing the Cleanup Song, I prompted him to pick up his puzzle pieces and put them back in the box. With a stern face, he looked at me and said "No, Mommy do it." When I asked him why he couldn't do it, he answered "I'm too young."

Yesterday, my husband was lounging on the couch in a pair of shorts and no shirt. Xander walked up to him and pointed at his left nipple. We could see the look of "what is that" on his face, so I said to him "That's Daddy's nipples; everyone has them." Of course, he immediately wanted to check to see if he, indeed, had them. Then he looked back at Robert's and said "Ohh..nipples big. Too much nipples." LOL

Today after church, he was ready to get home and get some lunch. I had packed Archer up in the car and was buckling Xander in as he kept repeating "Go home. Go home. Go home." Finally, I'd had enough and said "We are going home..Hold your horses." He then replied "Horses are gone." And when I asked him where his horses were..he said "Home." I should have known. LOL

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