Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The X Files: Part 3

My little Goob is now 3 years old. Hard to believe, that's for sure.
But, here are some little glimpses into a 3-year-old big boy's world:

Not too long ago, we were in the car getting ready to head out and he said "Mommy, do you have your phone?" And sure enough, I had to run back in and get it. Then he asks "Mommy, do you have your card for the store?" "Yep, sure do. We're ready"..Then, as I'm pulling out, "Mommy, your purse!" It was on the hood. Good thing I have such an observant co-pilot.

He loves scaring or surprising people. But, he uses the word "boo" instead of "scare". Yesterday my mom was napping on the couch. He says "Shh, mommy..I'm gonna boo Nanny." Then snickers, runs and jumps on her, and yells "Boo!!"

Today, I walked into the kitchen to find him wearing only a shirt, squatting on the counter top and peeing into our shot glasses.

Never a dull moment. 

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