Wednesday, August 25, 2010

101 in 1001

I've seen a couple of my blogger friends doing this so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. If you'd like to do one yourself, just come up with 101 tasks that you'd like to complete in the next 1001 days (roughly 2 years and 9.5 months).

Bold tasks are in progress
Crossed out tasks are completed

Start Date: 9-1-2010
End Date: 5-29-2013

Let the tasks begin!

1. Have another baby

2. Complete my AA

3. Complete my BA

4. Get some of my writing published

5. Go on 3 weekend trips with Robert

6. Lose 50lbs

7. Do a 40s Pin-Up photoshoot (after the 50lbs of course!) lol

8. Paint my nails lime green

9. Go a whole month without fast food.

10. See 5 people/bands in concert

11. Have a complete spa day

12. Start a college fund for Xander

13. Take Xander to the aquarium

14. Teach Xander how to swim

15. Complete The Love Dare with Robert

16. Find a good/regular church

17. Go sledding as a family

18. Go to a water park

19. Leave a loving note for Robert every day for a month

20. Get a pet

21. Buy a new living room set

22. Buy a memory foam mattress

23. Eat dinner as a family at the table for a month

24. Learn to cook 10 new things

25. Throw a Halloween/Dress-Up party

26. Go back to Cedar Point and ride every coaster

27. Go on a dolphin watch boat tour

28. Have a picnic on the beach with Robert

29. Dress up for dinner out with Robert--dress & high heels

30. Get at least one more tattoo

31. Pay off our last credit card

32. Buy a new or almost new SUV

33. Make a change to "go green"

34. Read 5 new books

35. Finish the scrapbook I'm on and complete at least 2 more

36. Write at least 10 more poems

37. Keep a dream journal

38. Sing in public 5 times

39. Teach Xander to write his name

40. Learn to say "Hello" in 10 languages

41. Go for a night swim with my besties

42. Have a squirt gun fight

43. Write a letter to each of the people who mean the most to me

44. Be a kid again for a day--play at the park, ride go karts, and eat ice cream

45. Try my hand at painting

46. Get a couple's massage with Robert

47. Fly..on an airplane (lol)

48. Ride on a motorcycle

49. Write 5 more children's stories

50. Attend another NHL game

51. Spend an evening with each of my best friends..doing nothing but hanging out like old times.

52. Take flowers to the grave of my Nanny and Papaw Bob

53. Buy myself something special

54. Put money from each paycheck into a savings account for 6 months straight

55. Make a pina colada cake

56. Win a poker game

57. Watch 5 movies that I've always wanted to see

58. Go on a family vacation

59. Visit 2 places I've never been

60. Look in the mirror and like what I see

61. Produce an income

62. Break Xander of the pacifier (LOL..this better happen in the next 90 days.)

63. Teach Xander his colors

64. Dye my hair red

65. Get another retainer or braces again and fix my tooth

66. Go 2 weeks without any sweets other than fruit

67. Keep a food journal for a month

68. Go skydiving

69. Watch the sun come up with Robert one day

70. Take a dance class

71. Limit myself to 3 hours of technology (computer, tv, cell) time a night for a week

72. Make something from scratch

73. Go dancing at a club

74. Ride a mechanical bull

75. Participate in a NeedItKeepIt day (

76. Play in the rain

77. Own a gun

78. Choose to walk somewhere that I would normally drive

79. Donate blood

80. Do something--anything--I thought I'd never do

81. Make a donation to our local food bank

82. Buy a file cabinet and get organized

83. Start each day by reading my Bible for a whole month (or more!)

84. Grow my own herbs/veggies

85. Rent/buy bikes and ride as a family

86. Color with Xander

87. Participate in a walk for breast cancer

88. Quit cussing

89. Have a vanilla cream and a cafe mocha with a couple of my bests

90. Improve my driving-a-stick skills

91. Have 3 family photo shoots

92. Eat at a new restaurant

93. Meet at least one of my DT&D girlies I've never met

94. Explore a haunted/abandoned house with my bestest

95. Sleep in until noon one day

96. Make a new friend

97. Breast feed our next baby for 6 months

98. Go on a hike and enjoy nature

99. Pay off all debt but student loans and a vehicle

100. Go horseback riding

101. Send a few uplifting/encouraging cards or notes to a few friends/family members that need them

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  1. Love this idea... guess what I'll be doing later tonight/tomorrow!!! LOL