Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 Days of Me-Day 1

Day 1: Your favorite song

I don't think there is any way..ever..under any circumstance that I could pick one favorite song. Honestly, I probably couldn't pick 20 favorites. Or 50. Okay..maybe 50. But, I'm not going to try. lol. My favorite song changes from day to day. And, just about every time I turn on the radio and hear something new. Of course there are those classics that will never steer me wrong. What truly matters to me is the way a song touches me. It might make me want to cry, or make me laugh, or make me want to dance, or make me want to punch someone, or make me want to reevaluate myself--as long as it makes me feel something, then there's a place for it in my heart. I'd have to say that older songs are more near and dear to me because I feel like they've grown with me. A certain song would have meant one thing to me when I was 12, another thing when I was 17, and yet another thing now. A good song is like an old friend--you change together but you always get each other. So, can I pick one favorite song? No. If I did, I'd be tempted to edit this post and put something else tomorrow or even 10 minutes from now. I just love music and I love the way it makes me feel. Right now my favorite song is one I wrote a few days ago. lol. But really, in a way, thousands of them are my favorites. Now, for the sake of this prompt I won't skirt the issue completely. Although I can't pick the favorite song of mine, I can pick one of my favorites. And one of my favorite songs would be Release by Pearl Jam. Enjoy.

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