Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 Days of Me-Day 4 *8-29-10*

Day 4: Your favorite book

Again, one I can answer straight on. Well, sort of. I don't have one favorite book but I do have 2 favorites that are in one series.

The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End by Ken Follett. These books are amazing.

The Pillars of The Earth is about the building of a cathedral in 12th century England. It showcases the builder's family and all of their struggles, while showing the difference of life between a family like them and those they are employed by. The story has great twists and turns as well as an awesome look into life at that time.
World Without End is a glimpse into the same town some two hundred years later. It details the lives of the original characters' descendants while weaving a similar story of life in that time and the rise to the top, per say.

These books are very well written and extremely interesting and entertaining. You get a small history lesson while reading them, but you also get your fair share of murder, sex, drama..the works. They are long books but once you start them, you won't want to put them down. I definitely recommend checking them out.

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