Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 Days of Me-Day 6 *8-31-10*

Day 6: Whatever tickles your fancy

So, I get to write about whatever I want today! Lol. I guess I could do that any day in addition to this. Well, let's see..I'm not sure what to say.
Hmm..there's one thing for sure that's been "tickling my fancy" lately: the idea of going on a cruise! A couple of our good friends went on one last year and they really loved it. I have to admit, I was super jealous when they went. The other morning we went to breakfast with them and the topic of going on another cruise came up. They said they were planning on taking another one next year and they wanted us to come with.
Well, of course it's a little harder for us to plan a trip like that because we've got a little one. But, both of our mom's really enjoy spending time with Xander (of course) and I think they'd love to have joint-custody of him for a week or so next summer/fall. I mean, what grandma doesn't dream of the long-awaited "trip to Grandma's house"? They'll have full reign over bedtimes and what's for dinner..it'll be a blast. Plus, with the money we save from this upcoming deployment and our income tax, we should have enough money to not only pay for our tickets but have a little bit of spending cash as well.
We haven't been on a trip together since our honeymoon in 08. We haven't had more than 1 night alone together since Xander was born. I think it would be wonderful for us. Not to mention, I've ALWAYS wanted to go on a cruise. Robert makes jokes about how, with his profession, the last thing he wants to do is spend a week out on a ship, but I know he's really excited about it as well. Our friends cruised to the Bahamas and that's where they're thinking of going again.
The only "problem" is the fact that we're actively trying for baby #2 (that's a whole other blog, right?) and therefore, we may have some scheduling conflicts. If I get pregnant any time before he leaves for his next deployment, the baby will be here by the time we'd be cruising anyway. But, then the question arises of whether or not our moms are going to be up for taking care of a toddler and a baby that's a few months old at the most. That might change things. If I don't get pregnant until he gets back, we *should* be under the 20 week mark at the time we'd be cruising, and therefore, I'd have the go-ahead from the doctor.
So, I guess it's all going to depend on when/if my eggo gets preggo and how much our moms are willing to juggle. Hopefully it'll all pan out..because we could definitely use this vacation!

Doesn't it just look amazing?!

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